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Sit Less, Move More – A Simple Strategy to Lose Weight

Weight lose

When fitness guru and personal trainer Damien Darby decided to launch his writing career, he quickly discovered a little problem with his new found passion. He was sitting on his ass for days on end. At first, he spent hours in his office chair writing and teaching people about exercise, fitness and healthy living.

But it was almost hypocritical to admonish people to exercise, eat right, and be more active, while sitting for 8, 10, or even 12 hours a day. And he couldn’t take it anymore. So he tossed his office chair in a back-alley dumpster and built up a stand-up desk. And it’s a move most people should consider making.

Get Off Your Ass

You don’t need to run a marathon, climb Mt. Everest, or complete an Ironman Triathlon. But most people need to get off their butts and be more active. The average person spends at least 9 hours or more a day sitting around.

Think about it. You sit in a chair and eat breakfast. You sit in your car or on a bus to get to work. Chances are pretty good you spend most of your day at work sitting. Then you repeat the same scenario on the way home and top it off with a couple hours sitting on the couch watching TV.

The Problem with Sitting

New research published in the Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity shows that the more you sit, the more you are at the risk of chronic diseases. In the study, researchers tracked chronic diseases among a group of about 63,000 workers.

And they found that the people who sat more than four hours a day had a higher risk of chronic disease than people who spent less time on their butt than that. And chronic diseases aren’t just the kind of health problems old people have.

If you are sitting for more than four hours a day, you are at an increased rate for:

# Heart disease
# Diabetes
# High blood pressure
# Certain types of cancer
# Obesity: This was recently classified as a chronic disease by the American Medical Association.
# Early Death (Too much sitting… how that sound for a cause of death)

Change your ways

If you are among the millions who spend your days on your ass, working at a desk, driving a car, or sitting out in front of the TV, it is time to change your ways. You may not throw your office chair in a back-alley dumpster like Damien did, but you can find ways to sit less and move more like:

·         Stand at least once in an hour.
·         Keep a large distance of car parked from the store which you go shopping.
·         Walk for a short while around the store before entering.
·         Take a 10 to 15-minute walk break at least once a day.
·         Always take the stairs
·         Do jumping jacks during TV commercials.
·         Walk to give a co worker a message instead of calling or sending a text or email.
·         Use that exercise equipment you have been using as a clothes hanger in your garage.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Tequila for weight loss? Yes.Not a joke.

Low calorie tequila drinks

Alcohol Consumption is harmful to health but a recent study claims that drinking Tequila can help you lose weight.

Yes, there is research which concluded that drinking tequila can actually help in losing weight. Furthermore, it is not a joke. Curious? Right, read for the details given below:


Tequila is an equitably solid beverage (contains 38% alcohol) produced from blue agave, a plant local to the sandy soils of Mexico. It's named after the city which develops large quantity agave for business use – Tequila, province of Jalisco.
What makes blue agave such an astonishing fixing to make mixed refreshments with is the outstandingly high measure of sugars in it, for the most part, fructose.

Tequila calories

How Agavins in Tequila helps to lose weight

So what's with the entire hullabaloo around agavins? I'm happy you inquired.

As you may know, most logical revelations and theories are tried on creatures first. In the event that the creature thinks about show promising outcomes, the scientists cautiously proceed onward to human preliminaries. All things considered, there haven't been numerous genuine preliminaries of the impacts of agavins on human wellbeing, yet the consequences of creature preliminaries are truly perfect.

Here are four investigations on the impact that agavins have on weight reduction:
A study done in 2014 showed that consumption of agavins regularly lowers ghrelin level, a hunger hormone, by 16-42 %. Now Ghrelin is a factor behind hunger sensation in us, hence agavins can become the next appetite suppression.

A report in 2015 on overweight mice revealed that agavins can turn around metabolic disorders, including the abnormal level of blood glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Additionally, agavins adjusted the hormones engaged with the control of nourishment consumption.

As per a report in 2017 on mice, taking agavins fundamentally quickens weight reduction. Researchers trust the increasing speed could be the consequence of helpful changes in the intestinal microbiota (the organisms that live in your (gut wellbeing)). As indicated by this examination, agavins advance the development of sound microorganisms shockingly better than prebiotics do!

Triglyceride accumulation, a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease also called as obesity of the liver, in the liver is decreased due to Agavins.  This leads to the fats getting accumulated in the tissues of different organs and thereby interfering with its health and functions.

How much tequila you should take?

Tequila benefits

As said earlier that tequila is made from the agave plant and the studies focus on the sugars found in it which helps in weight loss. The point over here is how much of this sugar is found in the finished product called tequila. Actually, none as the agavins are converted to ethanol during the process of making Tequila. But….

Agavins are found in the tequila which is made from 100 percent agave and not the cheap ones found in the market. In the US regulations allow tequila to be made from 51% agave and some other sugar sources which causes a hangover. So the point is that tequila made from 100% agave can help you in reducing weight which is generally made in Mexico as it has regulation to make it from agave only.

So lab research has pointed out that a shot of tequila with dinner not only keep glucose level in blood stable but also acts as an appetite suppressant. 


It is not necessarily the case that you should drink each day with supper to accomplish the weight reduction results you are searching for. Or maybe this data demonstrates that the individuals who are attempting to watch their weight reduction don't need to surrender everything from past life. it is conceivable to have a beverage with companions and it won't bring about pressing on the pounds.

Thursday, December 13, 2018


How to stay fit and healthy


It is perhaps everybody’s life goal to stay fit and healthy. Unfortunately, many people find it hard to keep goal alive. Some think it’s a waste of time. Other easily lose patience when they do not see the desired results quickly.

Getting on a workout program to become fit is one thing, but to stay on the program long enough is another. So here are some tips to help you on the fitness road and to keep you there until you have achieved your goal.

First, write down some realistic goals. You can keep a diary of those such as how much weight you want to lose; the length of time you believe you can achieve your desired weight and so on. Having all these in paper helps you monitor your progress, thus motivating you to go on with the program to stay fit and  healthy.

Now that you have set your goals in black and white, you need to do something and proceed. Simply putting those on paper will not work miracles. Look at each of your goals closely and think of the most appropriate exercises that will help you achieve your end. For example, weight training will not do anything if you are looking to shorten the time it takes you to run the 40-yard dash. Instead, you’d go for something that will work out your legs and build your stamina.

When you work out, do it slowly. Achieving whatever you want to achieve will not happen overnight, so do not expect that when you start your work out today, you will see results immediately after. Do not rush yourself; instead, be realistic and reasonable.

Getting started on a programme to stay fit and healthy is the hardest thing to do for most people; unfortunately, it is the most important part of any workout program. You will never go anywhere if you do not take the initial step. So, do not put things off to another day when you can do them today. The longer you stall, the harder it becomes for you to proceed with any workout program, and in the end, you may have to lose the interest of doing it anymore.

Once you have taken the first step, you must have the determination to see the program through. Again, this may not be easy, but it is necessary that you do not lose your focus nor your motivation. Having clearly laid out your goals should help you see the program through. Try not to stop for a day or two because you may easily fall off the plan and entertain other things besides. Do not look for excuses not to work-out, unless of course you are not feeling very well at all.

The benefits to stay fit and healthy are many and you should not take them for granted. Certain kinds of diseases occur because the body is not fit enough to fight off the infections. You can prevent these from happening by taking the steps to keep your body fit and healthy. In the end, you will be proud of yourself for having done the right thing.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Exercises to Lose Weight At Home

Exercises to lose weight at home are an important part of any weight loss regimen and one of the best  weight loss tips. However, with busy schedules, we all want to know what exercises to help us lose weight more quickly.

Exercises to Lose Weight At Home

Overall, there are two types of exercise to lose weight at home: aerobic and strength training (or anaerobic), and each contributes differently to weight loss. Doing Aerobic exercise is good as it burns fat calories. In addition, strength training primarily contributes to weight loss by helping to speed up your resting metabolic rate (RMR), which is the number of calories your body burns while at rest. Your RMR actually increases (ie, burns more calories), more muscular your body is because it takes more energy to maintain muscle than it does to maintain fat.

Note: Weight of muscle is more than the fat, hence strength training exercise will make you more attractive and also healthier but these exercise may not contribute to weight loss. However, muscles are “good” kind of weight and must aspire to build more muscle to help hold off body fat.
Give below are 5 exercise tips which you can do at home and lose weight and remember these exercises are both aerobic and strength training types.

Tip # 1: Squat: The buttocks and leg muscles are the largest muscles in your body. Every day in the mirror, put your feet shoulder width, while facing forward and squat-and-up 10-20 times for 2 or 3 games. This will build leg muscles and buttocks. As you build up strength, try to not more than 2 or 5 lbs dumbbells in your hands while you exercise. First get warmed up and then if you notice any sharp pain stop the exercise.

Tip # 2: Push, push-ups are a form of strength training: during a pushup arms have to support up to 70% of their body weight. Make 2 or 3 sets of 20 pushups to build arm strength and increase your RMR.

Tip # 3: Jumping: Jumping is an excellent full body aerobic exercises you can do at home. Jump 20 times and repeat them 4 to 5 times , or as required. Tip: If you live in an apartment or staying in a second-floor bedroom, be considerate of your neighbors by going outside or doing these in a room upstairs.

Tip # 4: Fast walking: While walking in itself is an aerobic exercise, brisk walking is even better to burn fat. Be sure you stretch first and warm up with regular. Once you start walking faster pace, try to keep the speed as much as possible for as long as possible. If you feel tired, try doing intervals of fast walking followed by short periods of slow walking.

Tip # 5: Step by Step: Step by Step is a great way to get your heart rate and burn calories. You can use the stairs at home, but for best results we suggest buying specialized stackable step mats and stack up at least 15 inches (38 cm). Make 2 to 3 sets of 20 steps each to begin with. Although you can not feel the reinforcement is helping, it is! This exercise not only help you lose weight, but also help shape the buttocks and legs.

An important element in a strategy to exercise to lose weight quickly at home in the country do a combination of exercises that develop muscles (strength training) while burning fat (aerobic exercise). Start a regimen of most or all of the exercises 2-3 days / week and see the unhealthy fat melt away.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


What leads to people gaining belly fat? Do you know the reasons? There are many but the main are poor diet, lack of exercise and stress. What does belly fat mean? Belly fat refers to the fat around the abdomen which is of two types:
1. Visceral… Fat surrounding the person’s organs.
2. Subcutaneous … Fat sitting under the skin.
Belly fat is dangerous as it leads to an increase of risks of heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, asthma, breast cancer, colon cancer, Alzheimer disease, dementia.

Lose Belly Fat
Lose Belly Fat


1. Salty foods are a hindrance to losing weight. It sounds crazy, but a lack of salt lowers the pH level in our stomach, so you cant burn fat. It also leads to digestive problems, making you feel bloated and gassy.

2. all the vegetables are food for you. Some veggies create a serious thyroid imbalance that builds fat in your gut.

3. Fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and low carb diets result in losing fat. But it is now scientifically proven fact that these make you more fat because of two body fattening amino acids that are hiding in many foods you have been led to believe that you are healthy?  They both deliver deadly trans-fats right into your bloodstream, destroying the body's metabolic system and bring the production of thyroid hormones to a grinding halt- directly resulting in increased fat storage, especially around your thighs and stomach.

Biggest Reason for gaining Belly fat:

The biggest reason men and women in their 30's, 40's and even 60's don't lose weight is because of metabolic acidosis. it occurs when your kidneys cant gets rid of the food acid, which makes your body store fat and throws your fat-burning cycles out of whack.

And it doesn't matter how much you work out. Metabolic acidosis makes it impossible to lose and] ounce of fat. Independently verified medical studies demonstrate that metabolic acidosis is the primary reason 93.6% of people struggle with weight loss, even after hours in the gym and crazy diets.

An overly acidic body retains fat to protect itself against harmful acids that weaken your immune system and interfere with important metabolic processes. Ignoring it only packs on weight until you get fat build up around your arteries.

The latest study shows that most people living in large populations especially in western cultures are dangerously stressed, causing the production of a destructive acid called cortisol, - the "fight for flight" hormone your body produces when you are stressed, scared or angry.

You know the kind of stress I mean: regular anxiety or even anxiety attacks, slogging through a dirty divorce, constantly worrying about money, and getting depressed about your weight.

What should one do to reduce Belly Fat:

1. People should incorporate a good amount of exercise in their daily routine. Indulge yourself in full body exercises such as lunges, push-ups, for one set of 15 repetitions. Also, try crunches and leg raise for three sets of 20 repetitions. This will burn around 500 to 600 calories per day.

2. Avoid feeling stressed and anxious. These are the biggest foes of a flat belly as these promote overproduction of a certain hormone called cortisol that encourages weight gain, especially in the belly area. So, try to maintain a calm and positive attitude.

3. The last is about taking diets. I have detailed the misconceptions above about the food you have been told by experts for weight loss. Now there are herbs and minerals that will destroy 10% of body fat in any man or woman in only 21 days. Also, there are supposed "health foods" and veggies that actually harm your health and cause you to retain fat.


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Exercise while watching TV

People generally avoid going to gyms reasons best known to them, but that doesn't mean that they are not concerned about their health and fitness. The ultimate problem with such people is that they don't give any time for exercises. The important thing is to manage time. However, occupied one is he gets free time in his office or at least in his home. Now the best way to relax is to watch favorite programmes on TV. This unstresses the mind and allows one to be free from thoughts. So when you are watching TV programmes there will be commercial breaks and this is the time we suggest to use for your health benefits. And the exercise which we suggest are very simple and can be done while sitting on the sofa.

You can burn up to 300 calories or more during the commercial breakups of your favorite programmes. There are also some other benefits of doing these exercises like your pang for snacks in between the break would be less. You are also aware that taking snacks is one of the reasons for gaining weight.

Lets us do some maths on how much do the calories add up. As per a survey, most shows on television contains 15-16 minutes of commercial break up in one hour show. Now if you watch your favorite shows in the evening for three hours then you can get 45 minutes of commercial break up. An exerciser of 150 pounds burns 300 calories approximately while doing exercises like pushes, jumps, squats, lunges etc in 45 minutes time. so there it is you can also burn 300 calories in doing exercises given below on couch to be fit and healthy. The other benefits in doing these are that you will build muscle, improve flexibility and strength.


1. Be sure that you are healthy for the workouts.
2. Clear the area so that your extension of the arms or legs does not hit anything.
It doesn't mean that you should have a large space but using your body fully will burn more calories. But yes in a smaller room you can do it but due to restriction in the movement of your body the fat burn will be less,.




 Leg raise Exercise
 Leg Raise Exercise

Leg raises helps in lowering your risk for back injuries, back pain, and back strain but this exercise has to be done regularly.  These injuries and pain often come when you do other or routine exercises. the main benefit from leg raises is that it helps in building strong abs and coral muscles mainly abdominal muscles.


Tricep dip Exercise
Tricep dip Exercise

This bodyweight exercise is a basic one which targets the tricep muscle. It not only strengthens your arms but also helps in eliminating the fat on your arms back.


Legs Pull in Exercise
Legs Pull in Exercise
What is the reason for slouching, aches, pains, and reduced mobility? The answer is lack of posterior strength which is eliminated by doing this exercise. Doing this exercise routinely not only balance your workouts but also builds the powerful and strongest muscles in the body.


Scissor Exercise
Scissor Exercise
These are lower ab exercise which gives a good burn and helps in flattening your belly. It also strengthens the transverse abdominals and your entire core. It is also a stretch which helps in your hamstrings and lower back.

Don't think that these exercises are not meaningful due to their simplicity. These exercises focus on the full body and are high streamline types. The major thing is that anyone can do it.


1. Please see that your glucose levels are in limit before start and exit of the exercises.
2. Please do not hold breath as it will deprive oxygen to the muscles.


Finally, do not get tempted by just sitting on the couch and doing nothing while catching some of your favorite TV shows. This is not ideal as leading health experts have recommended 150 minutes of physical activity weekly to be fit and healthy. And what better than getting this done in your spare time and that to doing exercise while watching TV.

So Get Up and start living a healthy and happier life.

Thursday, August 30, 2018


What is meant by being fit? Generally, people believe being fit means having a sleek body or massive muscles or a perfect figure. Now most of us equate fitness with doing exercises regularly, but there are many things which you have to know about physical fitness. Herein arises the question what are the components of physical fitness which we should know.  Now agreed that exercise is one of the most important components but diet and environment also plays a vital role.  Apart from these, some more components are required which should be known and put in action to determine body fitness. Give below are the types of components of physical fitness.
Physical fitness
Physical fitness




When you do exercise you notice that you are breathing faster than normal. Exercises can get your heart pumping, make you sweaty and raise breathing. Thus doing exercises improves the ability to bring oxygen from the environment into the lungs and diffuse into the bloodstream. This increased flow of oxygen helps the cells to work to their full ability and capacity. The heart becomes stronger and bigger and in turn, allows more blood pumped with each beat. This is Cardiovascular Endurance. In Other words, cardiovascular endurance is the ability of heart and lungs (Cardiovascular system) to deliver the oxygen efficiently over an extended period of time. It also indicates the body’s ability to keep up with the exercises that force your cardiovascular systems to work for an extended period of time.
The exercises which would improve cardiovascular endurance and help the heart grow strong are Running/jogging, Cycling, Walking, Sports and Recreational activities. You can also try swimming, skipping, jumping rope, playing basketball or hopscotch or ice hockey.


Muscular strength is not simply how strong you are. It is also not calculated by how  many pushups you can do or how many pounds you can lift. The definition of muscular strength is a bit complex in a sense. Muscular strength is the maximum force a muscle or muscle groups’ can exert during a contraction as per the American Council for Exercise (ACE). It is measured with a  test in which one has to perform one repetition of a single exercise which can be of any type. The body will be weak and unable to get along with the demands on it if the muscle strength is not good. To increase the strength you have to go for a muscular strength training program and should be carried out on the instructions of a trainer.
Strong muscles have benefits for health and they consist of:
Ease of movement, Good posture, Easier performance, Decreased risk of injury and fall, Stronger bones, ligaments, and tendons.
Muscle strength increases work capacity and don’t allow you to tire. In emergencies, it enables you to work beyond normal capacity.


Muscular Endurance in simple term means Stamina. Now suppose you have to do exercises over and over again then your muscles need to contract in a similar pattern more than one time. Now here you are using muscular endurance. So muscular endurance is the capacity of muscle or muscle groups to apply to constrain against resistance.
Muscular Endurance training can increase your level of energy, improve health and mood, and can assist you to sleep better. You don’t need to have any equipment for doing exercises but you can do them at home. These exercises include body weight squats, push ups, walking lunges and sit-ups. But you have to do these daily and regularly. You can also improve muscular endurance by doing simple habits like:
Skip the elevator and take stairs.
Walk to work if possible. 


Flexibility is the ability of the joints to move freely. It allows better performances in the day to day activities, sports, and exercises. Inadequate flexibility will make difficult daily activities like getting out of bed, lifting a child or bending to pick up something. But sometimes you may feel that some areas are loose and some tight. This means that each joint and group of muscles in your body has a different level of flexibility. For example, you may bend to touch your toes freely but it may be harder to stand up and bend backward. In both these the muscles groups are different i.e. hamstring for bending and thigh muscles for standing straight. So flexibility is the level of free motion of a joint or a group of joints or the level of muscle group extensibility.
The next question is how to increase flexibility. For this, you can add a few minutes of stretching to your daily exercises. Or take 5-10 minutes of stretch while getting out of the bed in the morning. There are different types of stretching like static stretching, dynamic stretching, and Active load stretching. Another way to improve flexibility is to do various cardio and strength training exercises.


The proportion of fat and fat-free mass in your body is body consumption. Body fat can be found under the skin, in muscle tissue or around organs. Whereas fat-free mass includes bone, water, muscle, organs, and tissues. Some fat is essential for overall health as it helps protecting internal organs, stores fuel for energy and regulates hormones. But you have to counter excess and non-essential fats as well.
Body composition is measured to know your fitness and health level. To know about healthy body consumption you should know your body fat consumption. As per the American Council for Exercise (ACE), the acceptable fat percentages in men are 18-24% whereas in women it is 25-31 %.
The factors which affect body consumption and which you can’t control are age, sex, genes, and Hormones.  Higher or lower the fat body percentage you will be more prone to diseases. Hence you have to keep the tab on the percentage by changing it as per the requirement. For changing increase muscle mass and decrease excess fat mass. Again for doing this change the diet or start exercise regularly or combine both.


To be fit and healthy go for physical fitness programmes and do not take them lightly which requires a commitment of effort and time. Moreover knowing what are the components of physical fitness helps in understanding our body fitness which ultimately reduces the health related risks.