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Tequila for weight loss? Yes.Not a joke.

Low calorie tequila drinks

Alcohol Consumption is harmful to health but a recent study claims that drinking Tequila can help you lose weight.

Yes, there is research which concluded that drinking tequila can actually help in losing weight. Furthermore, it is not a joke. Curious? Right, read for the details given below:


Tequila is an equitably solid beverage (contains 38% alcohol) produced from blue agave, a plant local to the sandy soils of Mexico. It's named after the city which develops large quantity agave for business use – Tequila, province of Jalisco.
What makes blue agave such an astonishing fixing to make mixed refreshments with is the outstandingly high measure of sugars in it, for the most part, fructose.

Tequila calories

How Agavins in Tequila helps to lose weight

So what's with the entire hullabaloo around agavins? I'm happy you inquired.

As you may know, most logical revelations and theories are tried on creatures first. In the event that the creature thinks about show promising outcomes, the scientists cautiously proceed onward to human preliminaries. All things considered, there haven't been numerous genuine preliminaries of the impacts of agavins on human wellbeing, yet the consequences of creature preliminaries are truly perfect.

Here are four investigations on the impact that agavins have on weight reduction:
A study done in 2014 showed that consumption of agavins regularly lowers ghrelin level, a hunger hormone, by 16-42 %. Now Ghrelin is a factor behind hunger sensation in us, hence agavins can become the next appetite suppression.

A report in 2015 on overweight mice revealed that agavins can turn around metabolic disorders, including the abnormal level of blood glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Additionally, agavins adjusted the hormones engaged with the control of nourishment consumption.

As per a report in 2017 on mice, taking agavins fundamentally quickens weight reduction. Researchers trust the increasing speed could be the consequence of helpful changes in the intestinal microbiota (the organisms that live in your (gut wellbeing)). As indicated by this examination, agavins advance the development of sound microorganisms shockingly better than prebiotics do!

Triglyceride accumulation, a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease also called as obesity of the liver, in the liver is decreased due to Agavins.  This leads to the fats getting accumulated in the tissues of different organs and thereby interfering with its health and functions.

How much tequila you should take?

Tequila benefits

As said earlier that tequila is made from the agave plant and the studies focus on the sugars found in it which helps in weight loss. The point over here is how much of this sugar is found in the finished product called tequila. Actually, none as the agavins are converted to ethanol during the process of making Tequila. But….

Agavins are found in the tequila which is made from 100 percent agave and not the cheap ones found in the market. In the US regulations allow tequila to be made from 51% agave and some other sugar sources which causes a hangover. So the point is that tequila made from 100% agave can help you in reducing weight which is generally made in Mexico as it has regulation to make it from agave only.

So lab research has pointed out that a shot of tequila with dinner not only keep glucose level in blood stable but also acts as an appetite suppressant. 


It is not necessarily the case that you should drink each day with supper to accomplish the weight reduction results you are searching for. Or maybe this data demonstrates that the individuals who are attempting to watch their weight reduction don't need to surrender everything from past life. it is conceivable to have a beverage with companions and it won't bring about pressing on the pounds.



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